Скачать файл curl exe

Stack Overflow is a community of 6. Join them; it only takes a minute: I have downloaded the latest cURL zip file from the website ver 2. Now how do I install this in my windows environment to be able to use it? I do not need to build cURL from the source just to use it. If yes, then how do I do that? I looked for any documentation on installation, but that points to installing cURL as project from source. Assuming you got it fromjust unzip it wherever you want. No need to install. If you are going to use SSL, you need to download the OpenSSL DLLs, available from curl's website. Was there a curl. Makes things a bit easier. There you can click the first link "Download WITHOUT SSL" or second link "Download WITH SUPPORT SSL" for a zip file with curl. If you chose Win64 you should end up which should have direct download links from the website. These too contain only curl. Finally, you can copy curl. Thanks - Also, my Win64 installation of Curl added it to the PATH variable, so simply installing it will make it available on the command line. No need to copy into %windir%. It will also be available in Powershell — Apr 24 '14 at 14:33 1 Very simple just need to download from install with one click and configure following this tutorial. It is an awful approach to put things into windows or system directories while there is far more civilized way. Do not pollute your windows installation, rather use the PATH variable, it is what it is intended for any way. This will still allow it to be accessed from the command prompt in any location — Feb 15 '14 at 5:23 It's probably worth noting that Powershell v3 and up, contains a cmdlet called Invoke-WebRequest that has some curl-ish capabilities. The New-WebServiceProxy and Invoke-RestMethod cmdlets are probably worth mentioning too. I'm not sure they will fit your needs or not, but although I'm not a Windows guy, I have to say I find the object approach PS takes, a lot easier to work with than utilities such as curl, wget etc. They may be worth taking a look at As you already know, you can find several packages of binaries on the official curl website. Once you download a package, unzip it wherever you want. I recommend adding its location to your path, so you can call curl from batch or powershell scripts. To add a directory to your path type "environment variables" in the start menu, and select "edit user environment variables". If you want to use SSL you need a certificate bundle. Some of the packages of binaries include one or both of them. If your download doesn't include one, download one here:. It will produce a file called ca-bundle. Alternatively, I recently developed an msi installer that sets up a full featured build of curl with just a few clicks. It automatically ads curl to your path, includes a ready-to-use ssl certificate bundle, and makes the curl manual and documentation accessible from the start menu. You can download it at. As an FYI to readers that use the download here, It scanned as clean by McAfee yes, well, meh, McAfee, but I've been using it for years and haven't had a problem. Consider going with the paid solution right away. I would have if I had noticed the price sooner and had a hint of what lay ahead. Started out having to multiple-select pics of houses. That didn't seem to work, so do the more generic buildings in the set of pics need to be selected as well? Eventually got cycled thru more ambiguous picture sets with similar problems and finally wound up on "select squares that have street signs in them". These proved unambiguous, I passed the "not a robot test" and was able to download the installer. Ran the installer as Admin on my machine. The install required installing MS Visual C++ for 2015 Redistributable. Had to launch that 2x, but I'd bet is was a MS hickup on their end on the download. Hopefully others can avoid this. Over all, very happy with this package and will be getting the update assuming I can use paypal. Good luck to all! I know this isn't be place for tech support, just finishing off my experience with this solution. Good luck to all! You can also download a prebuilt version x86 and x64 from This installer made it easy for me The link describes how to use it. Here's a summary taken from the website above: "You can install cURL for Windows with only a few clicks. Just download and run an installer from the table below, and click Install. The developers' files include libcurl. When you click Advanced you can also choose whether or not to install the documentation and manuals, and whether or not to add cURL to your path. If you don't have administrator privileges on your computer, use one of the files from the "Without Administrator Privileges" row. If you do not want to use the installer, but still want the contents listed above, you can download one of the zip archives. Tho that would not work for background services running as local system or as another user — Aug 12 at 2:37 Just download curl and extract the compressed file. You will get the file "curl. Open a CMD Shell, drag the file curl. This answer is technically correct, answers the questions, and in fact the easiest way to explain it to newbies. It is not clear what the downvotes are for. I was looking for the download process of Curl and every where they said copy curl. Because it has attracted low-quality or spam answers that had to be removed, posting an answer now requires 10 on this site the. Would you like to answer one of these instead? Not the answer you're looking for? Browse other questions tagged or.